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Hi friends! Almost exactly one year ago, we shared our last ever State of the Pants. The launch of our Bristlecone Flannel meant that we were no longer strictly a pants (ahem: trousers, for our friends across the pond 😉) company. Today I’m excited to share what’s coming up for Alpine Parrot in 2024, including saying goodbye to some things and hello to even more 🎉 

First, a quick update on our 2023 Offerings

I’ll be honest: 2023 has been rough for the outdoor industry as a whole. High levels of inventory combined with an uncertain economy has meant that brands everywhere are struggling. Alpine Parrot has been lucky, because we were able to move the new products we were hoping to launch this year to 2024, and instead spend this year selling through the inventory we currently have. We’ve also managed to grow the community, in large part thanks to YOU - this has meant we’ve been able to reach more folks who have truly benefited from the apparel we’ve made. 

Entrepreneurship is truly a rollercoaster! We’ve had our ups and downs this year, but we’ve managed to enjoy the ride so far 😅

technical outdoor hiking pants in green on a plus size woman. plus size hiking pants. plus size apparel. plus size outdoor gear

And now what’s changing for 2024!

Ponderosa Pants

Our award-winning Ponderosa Pants are crowd favorites and they’re not going anywhere, but they are getting a little bit of a revamp. Some fun facts:

  • Our best-selling color is Sage Green, followed by Slate Gray, with Sky Black in last place.
  • We completely sold out of sizes 26 and 28, in both Mountain and River, in all colors, before selling out of any other size/shape/color.
  • We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from all of you about the fit and your experience with buying online!

What I love about being a small company (one full time employee + a team of part time employees and contractors - so we mean it when we say small) is that we can move relatively quickly to make changes (where “quickly” in the apparel world means within a year 😂). So here’s what we’re doing for 2024:

  • We’re ordering more Sage Green and Slate Gray Ponderosa Pants, and we’ll be swapping out the Sky Black for a new color that we’ll be announcing very soon 😉
  • We’ve ordered WAY more of all the sizes that have been selling out. Many of you have signed up for our waitlist, and now we can share that we’ll have more in stock in the spring! 
  • We’re updating our fit to both fit more bodies and to make it easier to find your size on our size charts (we’re updating our size chart as well).


In case you missed it in there, that all means that we’ll be discontinuing our Sky Black Ponderosa Pants this year. It doesn't mean a black option will never return, but we want to introduce something new and that means also saying goodbye. If you've been waiting to get your hands on a pair of the Sky Black Ponderosa Pants, do it now! The ones available now are the last for a while. 

We also know many of you have been asking about short/tall options for our Ponderosa Pants. Unfortunately, we don’t have the bandwidth to offer additional inseams just yet. We know it's a pain point for some folks, but we just aren't ready. 

New Products

In addition to our ride-or-die Pondos, we’re also launching TWO new products in Spring 2024! Think of them as your warm-weather friends that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you could have. Fabrics you already love and will fall in love with. Colors that will keep you cool and make you smile. And pockets - oh, the pockets!!

Are you salivating yet? Yeah, us too. 😋


Wow what a tease! When will you tell us what’s really launching? And when can I get my hands on it??

If you’ve been to one of our fit testing events, you already know what we’ve got coming out next year - and we are SO EXCITED. We will start sharing more about our new spring line in the coming weeks, and as we often do before launching new products, we’ll be having a pre-sale next month. You won't want to miss this and we can't wait to offer even more to our community. Stay tuned!