About Alpine Parrot


Ditch the stereotypes.

No one expects parrots to play with snowballs, but they do. And despite the outdoor media's portrayal of who they think qualifies as "outdoorsy," we know that nature is for everyone.

Maybe you never thought you'd get outside, maybe you've been breaking the mold since the day you were born, or maybe you're both or somewhere in between. Whoever you are and however you describe yourself, nature is ready and waiting for you to join it.

Alpine Parrot started in 2019 as a response to the lack of size and ethnic diversity in outdoor apparel: we think it's silly that people still walk out of outdoor specialty stores, unable to find anything that fits!

To solve this, Alpine Parrot makes technical outdoor apparel for women's sizes 14-24 (soon up to 30), focusing on the inclusion of our inherent diversity as humans who care about the planet.

Want to learn more? Read our Vision and Mission statement!


About Raquel

Raquel Vélez is the Founder and CEO of Alpine Parrot, an outdoor apparel company that caters specifically to people of size and people of color. She brings with her almost two decades of engineering experience, having received her degree in mechanical engineering from Caltech, worked and studied as a robotics engineer, and eventually shifting over to software engineering and engineering management. Now, as an apparel engineer, she's creatively tackling one of the oldest (and most polluting) industries by creating sustainable, inclusive clothing for a market of people who have so often been neglected in the outdoor space. As a plus sized Latina who discovered her love of the outdoors later in life, Raquel has put an incredible amount of careful consideration into the design of each product, focusing on great fit and quality construction. She was named one of Outside Magazine's Outsiders of the Year 2021.