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Almost two years ago, I shared our original vision and mission statement. Since then, our team has grown and the company has evolved (for the better!) and we've pulled together an updated mission statement and a set of values that we really stand behind here at Alpine Parrot.

Our updated mission is to celebrate and foster equitable access to the outside for people of size. This isn't a big leap from our previous vision, but it does make what we do a bit easier to understand. At the end of the day, we want folks to feel safe and comfortable outside, whether that's on a gnarly hike or on a quick trip to the grocery store. 

To achieve this mission, we've put together a set of values that we use on a daily basis to make hard decisions:

  1. Actively listen and question assumptions. Our brand is built on the notion that the status quo doesn't work: we have designed our clothing and sizing from the ground up, with the incredible feedback of our customers and fit testers. 
  2. Seek adventure. Both literally and figuratively, we go out of our way to find joy, regardless of the challenge ahead of us. We work on hard problems because it feels good to navigate potential solutions and push our boundaries. Even when it doesn't work out, the journey makes for a great story.
  3. Maintain balance. Our bodies know what's right and wrong - listening to them is the only way we're going to survive the hard times and fully embrace the good times. We work hard every day, which means we need to allow ourselves time to rest as well. 
  4. Act with integrity. We strive to be kind more than we try to be nice - we're blunt when communicating and push for justice in both our personal lives and our communities. We honor transparency and honesty, and give ourselves grace when things don't go as planned.

I hope that by sharing our mission and values with our community, you can learn a bit more about how we operate, and also hold us accountable if things ever go sideways. We're all in this together 🙌🏽