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Ponderosa Pants - Discontinued Stock

$111.00 $139.00

They're your favorite hiking pants, but at a screaming deal! 

Here at Alpine Parrot, we're constantly iterating on our products to ensure an amazing fit and excellent comfort, with the perfect combination of materials. The Ponderosa Pants included here are previous iterations to the ones we currently have available for purchase. 

What We've Got

These are the 2023 style of Ponderosa Pants - our 2024 Pondos have had some updates to their size charts. Review the 2023 size chart here.


These items are considered clearance items, and as such all sales are final. If you have any questions about your order (or potential order), please reach out to, and we'll take care of you!

Size Guide

A curved, high-rise, adjustable waistband to hug your body in all the right ways

A built-in belt to give you just the right fit and prevent sagging

Five pockets, each designed to fit a cell phone: two front pockets; one thigh pocket with zipper; two back pockets—one with a zipper, one with a fold closure.

Key ring for attaching a carabiner for keys or other accessories.

Convertible-to-capri cuffs to adjust for length, weather, or adventure.

Alpine Parrot's signature pops of color throughout.

Fabric & Care

Easy-care, planet-friendly, abrasion-resistant fabric with two-way stretch and UPF 40 protection.

94% nylon / 6% elastane.

Made in a WRAP Certified factory in Honduras.

Wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. We don’t recommend ironing your pants, but you can use the nylon setting (low heat) for a quick touch-up if needed.

Size & Fit

Tested on hundreds of fit models and developed from the ground up, the Ponderosa Pants come in two unique Fit Styles to celebrate your shape and move with you.

We highly recommend checking out the size chart and choosing the size that fits you best, according to your measurements.

For a more leggings-like fit, choose a size down; for a looser fit, choose a size up. If your measurements are a perfect match for a given size, they'll fit like a pair of stretch jeans.

When rolled up, the inseam of the pants decrease by approximately 10". 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Princess Musick

I’m as curvy as they come. Big hips/butt, love handles, and a small waist. I literally despise shopping for pants but man, I hit the jackpot! I wish Alpine Parrot made other types of pants too 😅

Finally Big Girl Pants

So after years of being plus sized (size 18) and countless disappointments with conventional "plus sized hiking gear", Alpine Parrot has actually made the most amazing hiking pants. The fit is spot on, no large gaps at the waist, no pinching areas, inseam is perfect if you want to wear the natural length. Fabric is soft yet durable. 10/10

Great summer pants

Light weight and comfortable.
Love them. Will buy more.

Ruth Stewart
Almost perfect!

These are GREAT pants! The only things I’m not psyched about really are preferences, not problems.
First off the material is comfy, looks great, and is quite durable. I put the durability to the test last week (I do search and rescue and spent a couple hours searching through an area with lots of brush and downed trees and these things came home with nary a snag or hole despite getting dragged through it all!). The material stretches nicely and hangs well. The fit (mountain) is also the closest to perfect I’ve found off the shelf in a long time.

Now to the things that I would change. I really don’t like built in belts for a couple reasons. The first is that they never seem to stay adjusted and these are no exception. I have to snug them up all the time during the day. Secondly I wear a belt to carry a few things most days (pager, medical gloves, pocket knife, etc)so I’ll be adding belt loops to these pants, adjusting the waist in a touch, and ditching the built in belt.
Second, I REALLY like thigh pockets but I like them on both sides. I wish these had a left thigh pocket and I’ll probably get around to adding one sooner or later. Butt pockets just mean sitting on things so I like one thigh pocket for my phone and one for my wallet and no back pockets. Additionally, I prefer those though pockets to sit slightly more to the side of my leg. These ones go forward from the side seam so my phone ends up more on the front of my leg which I find mildly annoying. And since the bottom of the pocket slants down and forward my phone tips to the front even more. I like the LOOK of the downward seam above the knee but it makes the pocket slightly annoying.

So I give these pants 4/5 stars but they only lose the 1 star for preferences really. Except for if you are going to use a built in belt PLEASE use some sort of buckle that stays adjusted!

Mind Blowing

I cannot believe a pair of pants fit me the way these do. These are lightweight and comfortable. They have enough give to move with me during exercise, hiking, rafting, etc. But they are not stretchy stretchy like leggings. I like that they feel substantial and well made! I am in Arkansas and have not felt overheated in these pants once. I know when I shop on other sites, the size chart really doesn't mean anything. But I bought my pants according to my measurements on the size chart and they fit PERFECTLY. I don't think my butt has ever looked so good in pants. I know that these can be a little cost prohibitive but if you get the chance, get a pair! You won't regret it.

Let's Play Matchmaker.

The Ponderosa Pants come in two unique Fit Styles, designed by the Alpine Parrot team from the ground up and tested by hundreds of real people to ensure an incredible fit. There's a reason they're considered one of the best plus size hiking pants on the market. Find your match based on your waist to hip ratio below, and prepare for adventure.

plus size pants small waist wide hips

Mountain Fit

If your waist measurements are significantly smaller than your hip measurements, the Mountain Fit may be your match.

Say goodbye to waist gape and wear pants that celebrate you.

River Fit

For those with a similar waist to hip ratio, the River Fit is ready to love and hug your every curve.

plus size pants similar waist to hips

The hiking pants you never knew existed.


Ethically produced

Made in small batches with bluesign certified dye in a WRAP certified factory in Honduras, we're doing our part for people and the planet.

plus size hiking pants with pockets that fit a phone

Ditch the backpack

With five pockets that are all designed to fit your cell phone, you can take all of your accessories, keeping them close at hand.

plus size pants convert to capris

Made for adventure

Features like convertable-to-capri cuffs make the Ponderosa Pants versitile and ready for whatever your day has planned.