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The Bristlecone Flannel comes in two fit styles to provide an amazing fit: the Coastal and the Forest Fit. The Coastal Fit was designed for those who need less room in the chest, while the Forest Fit was designed for those who need more room in the chest. If you wear a bra and know your cup size, we recommend the Coastal fit for those who wear a C cup or smaller, and the Forest Fit for those who need more room.

We use the numbers 1-5 for our sizing, as these are the only sizes we make! But our 1 is similar to a standard 1x, 2 is a 2x, and so on.

Please use the size guide below as a reference, but if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us at!

Size Chart: Tops

1 41" 44" 42" 48" 15"
2 46" 49" 47" 53" 16"
3 50" 53" 51" 57" 18"
4 57" 60" 58" 64" 20"
5 64" 67" 65" 71" 23"