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Here at Alpine Parrot we know that people come in different shapes as well as sizes. That's why we have multiple Fit Styles for our apparel. The Ponderosa Pants are available in Mountain Fit and River Fit, while the Bristlecone Flannel is available in Coastal Fit and Forest Fit.

The Mountain Fit Style is best for bodies with a significantly smaller waist than hips, whereas the River Fit Style is best for bodies with similar waist and hip measurements. The Coastal Fit Style is best for bodies who only need a bit of room in the chest (like a C-cup), while the Forest Fit Style is best for bodies who need more room in the chest (like an F-cup). Scroll towards the bottom of the page to view our comparison chart. 

Head to the Fitting Room

You might immediately know which Fit Style is best for you, or you might be unsure. That's ok. When trying on in-store, we always recommend trying on both, just in case. Even better? Take a few sizes up and down into the changing room and find the fit that is truly best for you! We’ve learned time and time again that the sizing can vary drastically from company to company, and actually trying on the clothing is the best way to ensure a good fit. 


Measurement points for tops: bicep, full chest, waist

Measurement points for bottoms: waist, full hip, thigh
Want to learn more? Check out our full size chart or learn How To Take Your Measurements.