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It's been over two months since our last State of the Pants and we have lots to share with you! From some cool Kickstarter facts, to production updates, and questions for you, let's take some time to catch up. 

Our Kickstarter in Review

A woman stares at a beautiful river scene in her Ponderosa Pants.

We can't say enough about how grateful we are for the outpouring of support we received throughout our Kickstarter Campaign. We went above and beyond our goal in under 24 hours, further proving the need for a company like Alpine Parrot in the outdoor space. But, here are some other fun facts we learned through our Kickstarter that you may find cool, too!

    • People from 11 countries contributed to our Kickstarter
    • We sold almost 400 pairs of pants through our Kickstarter
    • Most popular size: 18 Mountain
    • Most popular color: Sky Black
    • We've fulfilled 100 orders so far!

We have finished sending all of our Get 'Em Now Pants that we have in stock and are working on getting the rest made. Which brings us to...

Production Updates

The detailed buttons of the pants.

We've been working around the clock since before our Kickstarter to get the next round of Ponderosa Pants into production and then into your hands. We're working with an incredible factory in Honduras (we can't wait to visit it in person when COVID-19 settles a bit more) to make these pants the best they can be. We have officially sent all of the Sky Black and Slate Gray fabric from the mill to the factory, and Sage Green should be on its way in September.

Supply chain congestion is still a thing (again, thanks COVID...) but we're working through it and have ordered all of the trims needed (like belts, zippers, buttons, etc). We're still waiting to get them all to the factory, but the process is well in progress. 

Additional news is that based on feedback from Get ‘Em Now backers, we’ve continued to update some features of the pants to make them even better. One of the perks of being a small company means we can continually improve - we don't need to wait season to season. We can't wait to get our samples back from the factory to check it out before going into full production. 

And finally, what everyone waiting for pants has been wanting to know... Current production estimates have us receiving pants closer to November than our originally anticipated August (but we knew that might happen, hence the wiiiiiide shipping window). We know it's hard to wait, but please know that we will continue trying to be as transparent as possible while keeping you updated!

Have You Checked Out Our Survey?

Design of the Ponderosa Pants on an iPad and fabric colors.

Okay, enough about us. We want to get to know you better. If you haven't already, we would love it if you could take our community survey. This survey will help us as we look towards the future - what products we consider making, what events we may want to hold, etc. Please help us help you, and take 5 minutes to fill it out!