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With so much going on, it’s due time for a State of the Pants update. Since our last State of the Pants in August, we’ve had our first in-person pop up in Berkeley, CA, have continued to work within the current limits of the global supply chain, expanded our Alpine Parrot team, continued to get feedback from our awesome community, and have started making plans for what’s next. As we get closer to getting Ponderosa Pants to you, we want to share some timeline updates. 

Until now, we’ve been lucky to not be majorly impacted by the globally backed-up supply chain. And while that’s still mostly true, we have one timeline update we wanted to share with folks. Currently, our Sage Green Ponderosa Pants are delayed and are now expected closer to February 2022. The good news? Slate Grey and Sky Black Ponderosa Pants are on schedule to be finished and shipping by the end of the year. 

We finally received our thread from our supplier (you would not believe how exciting that was), all other components are in (other than the Sage Green fabric) and production is truly underway. Our factory is currently completing a sample run of the pants so we can ensure that everything looks perfect before we make a full run - we can’t wait to get the samples in hand. 

Stay tuned as we get closer to having pants in stock, and don’t forget to take our survey, here.