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It’s been a while since our last State of the Pants, and that’s for good reason! We’ve been hard at work making some exciting updates to the pants, and making strides towards getting them closer to being available for you and our community. 

Here’s what’s new with the Ponderosa Pants:

NEW Colors
After working with our fabric supplier for months, we finally have our colors for the Ponderosa Pant! The fabric was batch dyed specifically to our request and we’re so excited to now have the pants in a sage green and charcoal. We hope you love these new colors as much as we do!

A Carabiner Loop
More fit tester feedback led to another idea: adding a loop on the pant where one could attach their keys or other items via a carabiner. We’ve implemented them onto our latest version of the Ponderosa Pant and intend to keep testing it to ensure it doesn’t become bothersome during activities such as backpacking where you may have a weight-bearing waist belt. Everything that stays must meet our standards. 

A Zippered Pocket

After discussion with our fit testing team, there was general agreement that having a pocket with a zipper would be great to safely secure valuables such as your phone or wallet inside. That way, if you’re scrambling up a rock, doing a cartwheel, or hanging on a tree, your things stay safe. We’ve added the zipper to the phone pocket, pictured below, and will continue to test this new feature with our team. 

And finally… One of the updates we are most excited to share with you is…

Our Two Fit Styles
Not all bodies are made the same, and that is a beautiful thing to be celebrated. The Ponderosa Pants will come in two fit styles: the Mountain and the River Fits. The Mountain Fit is for those who typically have smaller waists but larger hips—coming in towards the top to avoid gaping. The River Fit is for those who have a more similar waist/hip measurement, allowing the pants to fit better in all the right places. 

We hope these updates get you excited for what’s to come. CEO Raquel is now preparing to go on a month-long road trip with Alpine Parrot to meet with more fit testers across multiple states, preparing this product for launch. Stay tuned — 2020 might suck, but we’re not letting it slow us down!