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Hi Friends,

A LOT has been going on behind the scenes here at Alpine Parrot for the last several months, and while we can't share it all with you just yet, we're excited to give you a little taste of what's in store for 2020!

Thanks to your survey responses, we're narrowing down final designs for our first pair of pants - we've been building prototypes, sourcing fabric, interviewing members of the community, and connecting with industry professionals to make these designs a reality. We've hit some (totally expected) roadblocks, but thanks to our community, we're knocking them down and gearing up for a huge 2020!

We'll be heads down for the next couple of months as we figure out sizing, do some field tests, and make decisions on final fabric, but we'll pop back up when we've got something physical to share with you all.

In the meantime, if you'd like to support Alpine Parrot as it prepares for lift off, head on over to our store and buy a poster, or join our newsletter (it won't come out more than once a month, we promise). The first 100 subscribers will get exclusive sneak peaks into our process and discounts when we finally launch!

Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2020,
The Alpine Parrot Team