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The new year is here and it's crazy to think that we've made it to the heart of winter. For some this means packing up your hiking gear 'till spring and for others it means adding spikes to your boots and exploring in the snow 🗻⁠

Here in Colorado, we love to hike year round and see our favorite trails change with the seasons. Covered in snow, blooming wildflowers, or begging for a cloud to cover the sun in the blistering summer heat—there are different kinds of beauty to be found every time of year. 

Just like we shared our Fall Hiking Tips, now we're sharing our best tips for getting outside and exploring in the winter. If you don't mind the cold, these tips are for you!

Our Top Winter Hiking Tips:⁠

❄️ALWAYS check the sunrise and sunset times - start early and tell a friend where you’re going⁠.

❄️ Bring extra battery packs for your phone, headlamp, or other chargeable items! Your technology tends to lose battery faster in the cold⁠.

❄️ Drink water! It is easy to forget hydration when you’re cold (insulated water bottles for both hot and cold beverages are highly recommended) . 

❄️ Yaktrax & microspikes are great additions to your hiking boots to add extra traction for ice and to prevent slips or falls.  ⁠

❄️ Layers, layers, and more layers! Having multiple layers top and bottom allows you to shed one or two when you get warm to regulate heat, or add one back when you cool off. When we take the Ponderosa Pants out in the winter, we recommend wearing a baselayer or two underneath for warmth. 

❄️ Download a trail map or use some sort of GPS - snowcovered trails can be hard to follow and vary in accuracy it is crucial you know where you’re going. 

❄️ Have fun and listen to your gut. If you lose the trail, keep post holing, or just want to turn around DO IT. You made it outside it is all part of the experience.

❄️ If you are hiking in steeper terrain, consider looking at your local avalanche report before venturing out.