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If you follow Alpine Parrot on Instagram, you've probably already noticed—we have an amazing group of people we've started working with, called the Alpine Parrot Trail Team. (And if you haven't, go give us a follow!) 

When picking our Trail Team members, we focused on finding those in our community (adventure loving folks who wear sizes 14-30) who were doing amazing things. And let us be the first to brag - the people on the Alpine Parrot Trail Team are so amazing.

Today, we're so excited to introduce you to one of our amazing Trail Team members, Talisa. Talisa does amazing work in the mountains of Southern California, using wildlife cameras to do important research. 



Get to know Talisa and her journey to finding her place in the outdoors in her own words:

Growing up I was raised outdoors, but as I got older I felt myself falling out of love with it since I could never find the proper clothing to go outside and feel comfortable. In 2021 I forced myself out of my comfort zone and turned my passion into reality. I took a job working in the Santa Monica Mountains working on a camera trap project. The excitement of following my dreams allowed me to embrace this new position and put to use everything I learned in college. The hard part was now ensuring that I had the proper gear to get myself out there. 



After trying on all the usual brands from REI, I was left with no luck. Thankfully I found Alpine Parrot and took the chance that the Ponderosa Pants would work. I have worn them every day out in the field and have never had an issue with them. I feel comfortable and confident when I am going off trail in search of a camera site location. 

I am interested in coexistence, especially in the areas of where I work and where I live in Southern California. Mountain lions from the Santa Monica mountain's have traveled through my area to reach the northern national forest in this area so I feel extra connected to both sites in that sense. I am also passionate about getting more youth from my hometown into the outdoors and I am brainstorming ways to make that possible. If it was not for my family taking me into the outdoors at a young age I may not have ended up in the career path that I love. I want to ensure that kids from my small town are able to have the same chances I had.


Trail Team member Talisa bent over on a knee looking at her field work notebook.

I am always in awe of the beautiful views that I get to see that most others do not. Being able to work outside and truly enjoy what I am doing is the best part of my days and I hope to continue to do so in the future. 

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