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Friends. It is 2020, and yet if you shop in the women's section of an apparel company, most pockets can't fit a cell phone comfortably. Can we talk about how unacceptable this is?!

Whereas pockets used to be HUGE and FUNCTIONAL, the fashion trend of slimming down the feminine silhouette forced pockets to go the way of the glacier: not totally gone (yet), but definitely smaller than they used to be.

Which is why Alpine Parrot's pants have been designed with five pockets:

  • 2 front pockets, each large enough to hold a cell phone, keys, snacks, hands, you name it.
  • 2 back pockets, each also large enough to hold a cell phone, keys, etc. One is open, capable of holding a 12 oz bottle of water in them, should the need arise. The other has a flap to keep things from falling out, like money or keys.
  • 1 cell phone pocket, located on the right thigh. (Admittedly, I'm right-handed, but if there's demand for a pocket on the left thigh, I can make a quick change!) It can hold a cell phone, snacks, keys, or... whatever.

You'll notice a theme here: all of them are at least 3 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and capable of holding more than one thing. For a single (short) hike, these pants can carry a cell phone, keys, a bottle of water, a wallet, a granola bar, a hat, and probably a kitten or two - without the need for an extra bag!

If you're the type of person who gets excited when dresses have pockets, then these pants are for you! We deserve functional, thoughtfully created pants and that is just part of Alpine Parrot’s commitment to you.

A flat technical sketch showing the location of the five different pockets

If you're interested in learning more about the history of pockets (and the lack thereof) in women's clothing, I highly recommend reading The History of Women's Terrible Pockets by Kassondra Cloose for Outside Online.