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We are SO excited to share that Alpine Parrot is launching in partner outdoor specialty retail stores as soon as TODAY!  🎉  In fact, we're hosting a launch party with Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, Vermont, this evening to kick things off.

This is an exciting step for us, and we can't wait for you to be able to go into a store and try on the pants yourself. It has been no short journey getting to this point, and we wanted to share more about why we believe being in retail stores is so important, versus remaining just an online business. 

Here’s why we care:

  1. We recognize that it is a privilege to walk into a store on the day you need something, and to walk out having purchased that thing. Despite the fact that 68% of American women wear sizes 14 and up, less than 20% of outdoor apparel is made in plus sizes - and even the outdoor apparel that does exist in these sizes are often only available online. We aim to level the playing field for outdoor recreation, and by ensuring our apparel is available in stores means that we’re one step closer to every body taking up space and finding joy outside.

  2. We know our sizing is different from what currently exists in the market. We fully acknowledge that people have expectations about what their sizes are, and that that might not align with our size charts. It can be really hard (physically, emotionally) to take your measurements and then read size charts online, so we value the opportunity for folks to walk into a store and play Goldilocks until they find their perfect fit. 

  3. We love specialty outdoor retailers! Whether you’re going to your local, independent store or stopping by a national retailer, we want you to have the opportunity to get everything you need, all at once. It can be overwhelming to have to buy from multiple different brands on each of their own websites; it’s really nice to buy the things you need from one place, from experts you trust. 

  4. We’re changing the industry. One of the reasons there isn’t enough outdoor apparel for bigger bodies is that folks don’t believe the market exists. The argument is: bigger folks don’t walk into our stores, so they must not go outside. Meanwhile, bigger folks don’t walk into stores because there’s nothing there for them. The chicken and egg problem needs to stop, so we’re here to change that. When you walk into one of our retail partners and buy Alpine Parrot, you’re telling them that you not only go outside, but you need more than just a pair of pants. YOU are changing the conversation from “is there a market?” to “I’m here - how are you serving me?” 




Our retail strategy is about so much more than selling pants, and we’re excited for you to be part of our efforts to change the world! 🎉 Stay tuned as the Ponderosa Pants arrive at more of our SEVEN partner stores. We can't wait to share all of the locations with you.