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Alpine Parrot’s vision is to give everyone access to the outdoors, so that they, too, can experience the joy of nature. For us, that means re-examining what a pair of pants looks like, from the ground up, and embracing areas that need further exploration to meet the needs of plus-sized outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, we’ve determined the necessity of two different fit types for our products, aimed to provide a fit that supports the beautifully diverse shapes of the human body. We are excited to introduce the River and Mountain fit styles!

As shown in the image, below, the River and Mountain fit styles differ most in how they fit between one’s hip and waist. During our fit testing process we found that most of our fit testers are one of these two different fit styles. As depicted by the River Fit, some bodies are more linear, where their waist and hips are similar in measurements. But we also found a great number of folks are a Mountain Fit, where their hip measurements are larger than that of their waist. By offering our pants in two different fit styles, we are able to provide a more accurate fit for these body types, to reduce waist gaps, chafing, or other fit issues. 

You may be wondering why we chose new names for these fits, instead of widely used terms such as apple and pear. After discussing with our group of fit testers, we found that a lot of them didn’t find it empowering to compare their bodies to different kinds of fruit. We wanted to come up with fit style names that felt both powerful and beautiful, while embracing the spirit of the outdoors we love so much. We also wanted these names to be easy to understand. By using River and Mountain, we hope to promote all of the above while celebrating the beauty that lies in their differences. 

So: what's your fit style?