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With many folks asking for this addition to our line, it's been tough to keep this secret: we're introducing our first shirt! We've been designing, prototyping, and testing the perfect top from the ground up to compliment the Ponderosa Pants in your closet and on the trail. Designed completely from scratch to fit the needs and wants of our community, meet the all-new Bristlecone Flannel

We are committed to making apparel items that folks actually need and want, with rethought designs that serve the people wearing them. Made with a super-soft and durable polyester/elastane blend fabric, the Bristlecone Flannel is a cozy yet stylish medium-weight layer. It offers three pockets (including a zipped side pocket) and comes in sizes 1-5 (or 1x-5x, as others call it). Three colors were selected to complement all different shades of skin tones: Desert Red, Geyser Blue, and Charcoal Grey, and it will be offered in two brand new fit styles: the Coastal Fit and Forest Fit. 

the colors of the bristlecone flannel

Tell us more about the two fit styles!

Button-up flannel shirts are not often designed with a larger chest in mind. This can result in gaping between chest buttons or requires the wearer to size up for extra fabric. Our two new fit styles solve this by offering an option (the Forest Fit) that is optimized for those with larger chests. The Forest Fit is constructed with a dart built in to provide extra room in the chest area and eliminate gaping. The Coastal Fit is constructed without a dart, similar to a classic button-up flannel shirt

Not sure which is best for you? To simplify things, the Coastal Fit starts with a "c" and is ideal for those around a C cup or smaller. The Forest Fit starts with an "f" and is ideal for those with an F cup or larger. If you are a D or E cup, you may be happy in either, depending on personal preference. When in doubt, check the size chart (coming soon!) before ordering. 

  The Coastal and Forest Fit Styles

Feedback from our fit testers on our two Fit Styles has been overwhelmingly positive, from folks who used to avoid button up styles to those who never knew their shirts were fitting them wrong until now. We also worked with them to ensure that there was enough room in the upper arms and bicep to move and explore comfortably. Have we mentioned how much we love our fit testers?

The Coastal and Forest Fit of the Ponderosa Pants, show in Geyser Blue and Desert Red, respectively.

When Can You Get It?

The Bristlecone Flannel will go on presale November 15, 2022, alongside our updated size range of 14-30 for the Ponderosa Pants, and are expected to ship early in the new year*. But, those local to Seattle, WA, will have the opportunity to try them on and pre-order them early, in-person, at our REI pop-up on October 29. 

*Please note that this is an estimated delivery timeline. If it sounds vague, that's intentional! We really hope to have these to you as soon as possible, but are hesitant to make any promises until they are being shipped to our warehouse. Delivery timelines are subject to change, and our customer service team will do their best to help you as needed. 

Full product details: 


  • Fabric content: polyester/elastane: 99%/1%
  • Washing / Care Instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low, non-bleached, cold iron, no softener
  • Made in our WRAP certified factory in Honduras with fabric made in Taiwan

Details of the Bristlecone Flannel


  • Two chest pockets
  • One zippered side pocket with contrast hidden zipper
  • Roll-up sleeves with button and placket
  • Adjustable cuff 
  • Drop hem
  • Two fit styles: Coastal Fit (C-cup), Forest Fit (F-cup)
  • A dart in the Forest Fit
  • Back pleat
  • Reinforcement with bar tacks
  • Hanging loop on inside collar
  • Contrast undercollar, inside button plackets, side pops, and bar tacks
  • embroidered Alpine Parrot logo