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Do you like to go outside? We do! We love to hike and ski, climb walls and paddle kayaks. We also love to make clothes, because finding clothes that fit can be a challenge. So we’re creating a line of adventure clothing called Alpine Parrot as a way to celebrate the outdoors for all of us who love adventure.

Alpine Parrot is resetting the expectations around who enjoys the outdoors. Our sizes are centered around the statistical middle of average women’s sizing (18). The first round of pants will be in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24. If there’s demand, we’ll add to the size range (e.g. lower than 14 and higher than 24). We believe all bodies go outdoors and deserve great fitting clothes; these initial sizes are to serve the vastly underrepresented market of women-shaped people who love going outside but also want clothes that fit and come in colors other than black and blue.

Furthermore, Alpine Parrot is all about building the right product as quickly as we can. So we’re using surveys to understand YOU and what you’re looking for in clothing! We’re running our first survey right now and could really use your help (it will take you less than 5 minutes)!

From time to time, we’ll be sharing our progress as we make great clothes - follow along on our blog or sign up for our mailing list. This is one circus you definitely want to join!