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We are so excited to share that, with inventory on its way to our warehouse, we're finally ready to launch the Alpine Parrot Trail Team! Starting today, we will be accepting applications to join and become a part of something exciting. 

What is the Alpine Parrot Trail Team?
Similar to existing programs that you may have seen with other brands, the Alpine Parrot Trail Team is a collective of diverse individuals who are excited to share their experiences outside, as well as how the Alpine Parrot brand and product line may enhance or enable those experiences. We hope members will use their network, both digitally and in-person, to promote and educate about Alpine Parrot in an authentic, friendly, and inclusive way. 

Who should apply for the Trail Team?
We want to say, "everyone!" but there are a few things to keep in mind as we first launch this program: Currently, we are only accepting applicants who live in the United States. Additionally, we are looking for applicants who wear sizes 14-30. Finally, we hope that those who apply are willing to share their experiences with Alpine Parrot, whether that's with their friends, family, online community or elsewhere. 

What does Alpine Parrot do for its Trail Team?
Trail Team members get access to Alpine Parrot swag, access to member-only events, opportunities to provide product input, a referral code for friends and family, as well as commission on all purchases made with the referral code. Trail Team members will also receive discounts on their own Alpine Parrot gear. 

How do I apply?
Apply via the application below, or here. Please note that it may take a couple of weeks or longer for us to process applications. We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response. Please do not apply more than once or send inquires regarding your status.