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As the leaves change and air cools, one of our favorite times to get outside and enjoy nature approaches. Fall is in the air and we couldn't be more excited! With that in mind, grab your pumpkin spice latte (it's okay, we won't judge) and check out Alpine Parrot’s 5 fall hiking tips.

1. Download an app such as All Trails to send a friend a lifeline and use GPS offline

We love using the hiking app All Trails to find new trails and make sure we are being safe! The pro version allows you to download trail maps to use offline and you can even send a lifeline to a friend at home in case of emergency. 

2. Always check the weather and time of sunset!

With fall comes earlier sunsets and daylight savings time. We recommend checking the weather while planning your adventure (try out sites like NOAA) and keeping a head lamp in your hiking kit and planning your hikes earlier in the day to beat the sunset. If you time it right, you can enjoy golden hour as it illuminates golden autumn leaves.


3. Prepare your hiking kit for all weather

Weather this time of year can be beautiful yet unpredictable. With that in mind it's important to not only check the weather but make sure you pack your hiking kit for all weather. Here are some items that are on our fall packing list:  


  • Snacks with high protein to keep you full
  • A headlamp 
  • Layers to shed and to add 
  • Reflective and bright clothing if you're adventuring in hunting permit areas
  • Insulated and waterproof boots
  • Gloves
  • An extra pair of socks 

4. Keep an eye on a foliage map

Let's be real - one of the best parts about fall is watching the leaves change color and transform into a magical wonderland. Unfortunately, this change happens quickly and doesn't last long. This foliage map is an interactive tool that helps you find the peak time for leaf peeping wherever you reside in the country! Use it to plan your fall hiking schedule so you don't miss out on the magic.

A beautiful fall hike with leaves just beginning to change, with a dog running up the trail.

5. Know your zone

Autumn is hunting season in many areas of the United States! We recommend researching the trails you plan on hiking to make sure you are not hiking in a hunting spot (especially when exploring backcountry trails!), or if you are, that you do so safely. If you are sharing the trail with hunters be cautions of running into wildlife and wear reflective clothing to stand out against the landscape. 

Bonus Tip

Fall is peak migration season for many species in North America. Look up migratory pathways for animals like moose, elk, and many bird species near you to catch a spectacular show. But always remember: it's important and necessary to give wildlife the respect and distance they require. Never approach them, feed them, or try to pet them.