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The Ponderosa Pants were originally designed to be amazing hiking pants. And while they most certainly are, it turns out that they’re great for other things, too! 

Fun fact: I’m also a climber. While I’ve yet to climb outdoors, I find a lot of joy in going to my local climbing gym and tackling some fun bouldering problems. And yet, despite many years of climbing and many iterations of the Ponderosa Pants, I only just tested out a pair of these great pants at the gym recently! 😅


How It Started...

A climber at a gym in the Ponderosa Pants

Y’all. These pants are GREAT for climbing!! With the two-way stretch and adjustable waistband, the Ponderosa Pants moved with me through every problem, no matter how I needed to contort my body. And when I started to get hot, I was able to roll up the legs to turn them into capris.

No waist gape, totally comfortable.

And afterwards, when it was time to head home, I was able to roll down the cuffs, brush off the chalk, pack up my pockets with my keys, phone, and wallet, and head out to the grocery store without feeling like I’d just walked out of the gym.

How It’s Going

Climbing shoes and the Ponderosa Pants

And look, I know I’m biased, but given that I honestly had no idea how these pants would hold up at the climbing gym, I’m honestly thrilled that I was able to get my climb on in my favorite pants! If you’ve never gone climbing, or are a seasoned climber, I highly recommend trying them out!

Do you have a pair of the Ponderosa Pants? Would you be willing to share your experience with them! We’re looking for stories and would love to feature you in our blog and on our social media! Reach out to us at for more information 🎉

*While the crag is technically an outdoor climbing term, and I didn’t actually go to the cafe, I felt the alliteration was well worth the slight massaging of what happened on my adventure 😉