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Whether you've already purchased a pair of the Ponderosa Pants or are just learning about them and Alpine Parrot, there are a few things we want to make sure you know. These pants are an investment meant to help you experience joyful moments outside, that have been designed to last as well as empower. With that in mind, here are 5 things you should know about the Ponderosa Pants. 

1.  These pants were made specifically for sizes 14-24

We didn't just take a standard fit of pants and make them in these sizes—the Ponderosa Pants were built from scratch to fit the bodies of women's sizes 14-24. We worked with an incredible, self-selecting group of women and non-binary folks as fit testers to create a fit that we hope exceeds your expectations. We never want you to settle for "just okay" pants again. Eventually, we aim to expand through size 30. 

2. Our sizing chart might be different than others

While we tried to match sizing used by standard brands, the truth is that every brand is slightly different. Because we built and designed the Ponderosa Pants from scratch, we highly recommend you check out our sizing chart before purchasing your pants to ensure the best fit. If you aren't sure what your measurements are, we've made some resources to help. Size truly is just a number, and we hope you can embrace your Alpine Parrot size as it will help you get the most out of your pants. 



3. The Ponderosa Pants come in two fit sizes 

The best fit is the right fit—that's why we make the Ponderosa Pants in two different fit styles. During our thorough fit testing process we found that most women fall within our two fit styles: Mountain and River. The Mountain is for bodies with bigger hips than waist, while the River is for bodies with more similar waist and hip measurements. By using our sizing chart (you may be surprised which one you are!) you can further determine which style will be your ideal fit. 

4. The fabric is awesome

Quick-drying, abrasion resistant, and ready to battle against chub rub, the fabric of the Ponderosa Pants is one of the special ingredients to your favorite new pants. It stretches, is flattering, and created with bluesign® certified dye to be friendlier to our environment. We can't wait for you to experience it, and you can learn more about it, here


5. Alpine Parrot is about more than just pants

Alpine Parrot's mission is to create outdoor clothing that encourages and celebrates underrepresented people in the outdoors, namely BIPOC and people of size. This mission is at the core of all that we do, and we want to make sure you know that when you purchase a pair of Ponderosa Pants, you are helping us work towards that. We see ourselves as an opportunities for joy company.