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Yes, it's true. We made the Ponderosa Pants for hiking. But did you know you can wear them while doing other things, too? Here's a short, by no means exhaustive, and sometimes silly list of things you can do in your Ponderosa Pants. 

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1. Go skiing

Spring skiing anyone? While we normally wouldn’t recommend wearing the Ponderosa Pants in cold weather (they are quite breathable, after all) - sometimes the weather isn’t actually all that cold and wearing your regular snow pants might be too hot! Or, you might just not want to take these pants off, ever. In that case, the quick-dry and super comfortable nature of the pants might be the best-fitting ski pants you’ve ever had (until we get around to making snow pants, that is 😉). 

A skier wearing Alpine Parrot pants.


2. Watch a Movie

They say “Netflix and Chill”; we say “Popcorn and Ponderosas.” (Okay, this is the first time we’ve ever said that.) These pants are so comfortable, you can lounge on the couch all day in them, no problem. Loosen that belt as much as you need, empty out the five pockets (or fill them with snacks), and enjoy some relaxation you definitely deserve. 🍿

Watching a movie in the sage green Ponderosa Pants.

3. Play with Your Dog

Easy to clean and made with a durable material, the Ponderosa Pants are ready for puppy play time. Whether it's muddy paws or an over-excited nail, tossing a ball at the park or going on an adventure, these pants are ready for fun with your canine friends. Plus, the five pockets leave plenty of room for treats. 

Emmy the dog ready to play.

4. Fix a Car

We can personally attest to this one... And while we hope you never have to too, the good news is that the Ponderosa Pants are ready to help you tackle anything from a dead transmission to a flat tire. With plenty of pocket room and stretch so that you can quickly grab a wrench and store your nuts and bolts, easily pull out your cell phone, or squat down to assess the damage, you can make it happen. 💪🏽 

5. Go for a Hike

Finally, our list would be incomplete without the activity that inspired us to get here today. When you’re ready to get outside, remember to take your Ponderosa Pants with you! These pants aren’t so magical that they’ll make you do things you’ve never done before, but great fitting clothes are scientifically proven to build confidence, so that you can at least take advantage of new opportunities! Be safe and have fun! ⛰️ 

Hiking in the pants.