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As the holidays approach the Alpine Parrot team has put together our very first Gift Guide, featuring 10 must-have products that are budget friendly, practical, fun, and hand picked to make your winter season special. 

1. A Cozy Chai Kit

“Perfect warm treat after a chilly winter hike. I’m partial to the Chai + Biscuits gift set, both for myself and for others.” - ej, Director of Operations

A Winter Treat

2. Affordable & Tested Backpacking Utensils


There's something about camping cookware that's just cute. But function is just as important (if not, regrettably, more). This spoon / fork combo is Alpine Parrot Founder and CEO, Raquel's, absolutely favorite.
“I fell in love with camping utensils before I fell in love with camping” - Raquel, Founder and CEO

Dig In!

3. Curly-Hair Friendly Hats and Beanies

Stay warm, protect your hair, and look great with this Black-owned and operated company, Beautifully Warm. Their satin-lined hats and beanies provide moisture and protection to curly hair, rather than frizz.

Bundle Up

4. Authentic, Latina-Owned Mexican Backpacking Food

Authentic, Latina-founded and operated, Mexican backpacking food. Itacate offers new, delicious, vegan and vegetarian, backpacking food options created with a dedication to flavor and the environment. 

Meal Plan

5. Beautiful, Hand-Made, Body Diversity Candles

These candles from CTOAN bring us joy, and we hope they provide that for you, too. Each candle is handmade by Jodyann Morgan, a queer Black woman living in Wisconsin, and are meant to celebrate the human form. 


6. This Is My Happy Place stickers 

The perfect stocking stuffer (in our opinion!), our This Is My Happy Place sticker series is meant to celebrate the different ways we experience joy outside—from a quiet moment with a book outside, to camping with our friends.

Pick Your Happy Place

Bonus: check out our amazing illustrator, Elayna Speight, and more of her designs, here:

7. Go (pee) Anywhere

Step 1: The PStyle - this tool has quickly gained popularity for adventurous women, nonbinary folks, and trans men, as it allows them to pee while standing. 

Stand Up

Step 2: The Kula Cloth is a super absorbent, small, easy-to-clean, take anywhere piece of gear to wipe after peeing, without the hassle of single-use TP.

“Not only is the Kula cloth perfect for the backcountry setting, it’s also great when going to large events that usually run out of toilet paper in the women’s room.” -Diamon

Stay Dry

8. Indigenous-owned, Reusable Hand Warmers

Consciously made with respect for nature and Indigenous culture, Aurora Heat creates reusable, natural hand warmers with a portion of each sale going to on-the-Land initiatives for Indigenous youth, educators and knowledge holders.

Warm Your Hands

9. Goodbye, Chapped Lips

A fellow REI Ventures Path Ahead founder of color, Kobee’s makes eco-friendly, high-quality, natural lip balm that is easy to stash in your pocket or a stocking.  

Hello Moisture

10. Stop Carrying Your Dog's Doo

“Sometimes it’s the little things. This affordable and simple leash add-on makes adventuring with your furry pal a little easier after they’ve gone number two. Attachable to a dog pack, backpack, or leash on a long adventure, free up your hands by attaching their poop bag to this, and help keep trails clean.” - Sarah 

You're Welcome